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Providing Personal Golf Cars in Western Oregon

A personal golf cart is the perfect way to enjoy life. Foursom Golf Cars offers an extensive line of personal golf carts in Western Oregon. The possibilities are endless with our customized golf carts. Whether you want to be the talk of the golf club or have a reliable and fun way to ride around the neighborhood, we have a golf cart for everyone. We’re committed to being the provider of personal golf carts by offering our customers excellent services and superior products. We have two passenger, four passenger, and six passenger golf carts. When you’re ready to take your golf cart to the next level, reach out to us.

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Offering a Wide Variety of Personal Golf Cars

We have the perfect golf car for any type of driver. Whether you need a golf car that lasts for days or a variety of drive speeds, we have a golf car for you. Club Car’s standard ONWARD vehicles have aircraft-quality aluminum frames and are equipped with LED headlights and running lamps. You can enjoy an ONWARD HP golf car with a 375-amp motor controller, increased acceleration, and a variety of drive modes. When you really want to take your golf car to the next level, check out an ONWARD HP LI-ION golf car with a lithium-ion battery and increased charging speed. Some of the many personal golf car types we offer include the following:

  • Club Car V4L
  • Club Car ONWARD 2-Passenger
  • Club Car ONWARD 4-Passenger
  • Club Car ONWARD Lifted 4-Passenger
  • Club Car ONWARD HP LI-ION 2-Passenger
  • Club Car ONWARD HP LI-ION 4-Passenger
  • Club Car ONWARD HP LI-ION Lifted 4-Passenger
  • Club Car ONWARD Lifted 6-Passenger
  • Club Car ONWARD Non-Lifted 6-Passenger
  • Club Car ONWARD HP FLA 2-Passenger
  • Club Car ONWARD HP FLA 4-Passenger
  • Club Car ONWARD HP FLA Lifted 4-Passenger
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Customizing Your Personal Golf Car

One of the best things about our personal golf cars is you get to personalize them to make them your own. Club Car’s ONWARD golf cars have an unmatched collection of custom-integrated accessories. Some of the many ways you can customize your personal golf car include the following:

  • Windshield
  • Wheels
  • Interior
  • Enclosure
  • Seat Choice
  • Brush Guard
  • Lift Kit
  • Bluetooth Stereos
  • Locking Glove Box
  • Led Lighting

Go Beyond the Green With Personal Golf Carts

While personal golf carts make a statement on the golf green, they are perfect for many other parts of your life. Personal golf carts take an adventure to the next level as you drive around your neighborhood in a stunning vehicle. They are easy and carefree to operate, so you can quickly maneuver through your neighborhood or on the golf course. You’ll love the free feeling you get as you get behind the wheel of a personal golf cart. Reach out to us today to learn more about our wide selection of personal golf carts!

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