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Wide Selection of Used Golf Carts in Western Oregon

Foursom Golf Cars has a wide selection of reconditioned and used golf carts for Western Oregon customers. Our service professionals recondition vehicles to like new condition. Whether you want a reconditioned golf cart that drives like new or a used golf cart in premium shape, we have the perfect golf cart for you. Our used and reconditioned vehicles don’t stick around very long, so give us a call and find out what we have available now!

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used golf cart outside of school

Professional Reconditioning Program

Our used golf cart program takes late-model used electric Club Cars (between 3 and 5 years old) and turns them into reliable and good-looking refurbished golf carts. Three programs are available, including basic used, reconditioned used, and rebuilt used. Our basic used golf carts have new 8-volt batteries, new fold-down windshields, and more. Our reconditioned used golf carts can be upgraded with many options, including new seat bottoms, new brake shoes, private speed settings, and more. Our refurbished golf carts may have a new canopy top, new 10” Alloy wheels, and more.

Benefits of Buying a Used Golf Cart

One of the most significant benefits of purchasing a used golf cart with our team is we offer customized selections that are available for new golf carts. You can get a customized, like-new golf cart for a lower price. Our used golf carts are in optimal condition. We ensure they drive like new and look impeccable. Our service professionals will help you find the used golf cart of your dreams. Since 1988, we’ve helped countless customers choose used golf carts that fit their needs. Whether you need a golf cart for work or to hit the golf course, we have the perfect used golf cart choice for you. Our used and reconditioned vehicle stock can vary widely. Contact us to learn more about our current selection of used vehicles.

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