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non golf operations club car

With easy handling, rugged construction, and an appealing body style, Club Car’s utility vehicles are built to last and come with the best warranty in the industry. So it’s no surprise that NON-GOLF usage for our vehicles is growing.

Horse Life

Imagine yourself with our Carryall 550 with a small dump bed for help with bringing hay and grain to the field, cleaning manure piles, pulling a welding wagon, or a manure spreader or dragging an arena.  It has 6.4 inches of ground clearance (the most in its class), a sturdy differential guard and rough terrain tires to resist nails and other sharp objects. It’s made of an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, chassis, and cargo box providing a steady ride powered by a 404cc gasoline engine or 48-volt electric powertrain. In order for modern halter horses to display muscle tone, exercise is essential. Many methods of providing forced exercise are available, including hand walking, longeing, ponying, and treadmills. Ponying is becoming increasingly popular since the horses are not being asked to constantly turn as is the case with longeing. The use of UTVs is common and horses quickly adapt to them looking forward to their exercise bout.

Ranches & Small Acreage Properties

If a tree fell down in a heavily wooded portion of your property and you wanted to turn it into firewood, our machines can get you there. Whether it’s checking the fence lines or looking in on your cattle, any job is easier with our XRT series, some of the strongest most versatile, and most durable utility vehicles on the market. Choose from a wide variety of two-wheel and four-wheel drive models, all with a rugged design that can handle tough terrain. Anybody who’s ever had to move a pallet of feed one wheelbarrow at a time will understand the value of this suggestion. Think of all the applications. Building a rock wall, carrying a load of firewood, hauling spools of fence line…the list goes on and on.


There are some folks who are SERIOUS about their camping.  If you appreciate the value of rugged polypropylene REI camp ware bowls and an Igloo 8-man log cabin tent, you should consider a Club Car for time spent on the trail.  You might ask how your camping endeavors could be any better than they are now.  Here it is: haul lots of gear to a more remote location. Let’s face it: trucks are cool because you can throw stuff in the back but the places YOU want to camp don’t offer truck access.  So, whatever you camp with, you must haul.  Pack an ice-filled cooler, the tent, and all the luxuries you want; now let your imagination run wild. Here is a link to Oregon campgrounds that allow UTVs:


Our rugged XRT1550 utility vehicle series is built from the ground up to withstand the punishment of winding, rutted trails crowded with mature trees to get sportsmen out to their hunting land. It has a lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame and four-wheel, hydraulic disc brakes.  Add an off-road light bar and a gun or crossbow rack and you are set to haul back even the biggest buck.  They really shine in covering lots of miles in comfort without the forward-leaning position of a quad. Our XRTs are generally more comfortable thanks to our exclusive 13-position adjustable driver’s seat and a front suspension with coil-over shocks.  Aside from providing a nice spot for your dog or spouse to sit next to you, they provide room for a much larger load than most ATVs can haul without attaching a trailer.  This allows you to bring extra luxuries like the pro hunters: camping shoes for the morning as well as waterproof boots for clogging through marshes.No matter what kind of non-golf use fun or chore you have in mind, give us a call or stop by and we can recommend a Club Car to fit your needs. 503-981-4606