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new carryall line foursom golf cars

The new Carryall line of utility vehicles offers unsurpassed design and versatility over competitors. The shifter and gauges are located on the dashboard. The steering wheel is designed with ergonomics in mind. New improved uncommon automotive-style key switch to deter unauthorized use. Utility vehicles feature a quieter, studier and longer-lasting aluminum bed box with bed dividers and cargo tied-down loops to secure cargo. Utility vehicle engines feature automotive technology by Subaru.

  • Subaru 14-hp 404-cc single-cylinder overhead cam engines with electronic fuel injection.
  • Capacitive Discharge Ignition
  • Hemispherical heads and a case-hardened steel timing chain
  • Splash Lubrication (eliminates oil filters)
  • Single-handed latch and release tailgate
  • Overall ergonomically design
  • Contoured seating
  • Re-styled hip restraints (easier to enter and exit)
  • No wheel well intrusion
  • Improved Cab (option cab that can be integrated seamlessly into vehicle design
  • Improved traction, increased ground clearance