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foursom golf cars eric system

Here at Foursom Golf, we love getting announcements about newly upgraded cars and accessories. We just recently received a press release from Club Car announcing the 2014 Precedent. Although it didn’t receive a full redesign like the Carryall, it does come with some awesome new features! Here is what we like best about the 2014 Club Car Precedent.

As we know here in Oregon, protecting your golf car from rust can be an issue with all the rain. With a new aluminum box-beam frame, it is now rustproof and corrosion-resistant when compared to steel frames. This new frame also helps with a smoother ride. The overall result is comfort and stability on and off the golf course.

The E.R.I.C.

We are most excited about the new charging system! The E.R.I.C. system saves you money by reducing energy consumption during a charge cycle. It is constructed to last, with a housing that is sealed to prevent dust, debris and other contaminants from entering. It is the very first charger to operate at a greater range (85-270 volts). The system keeps you informed during charge cycles with status lights and audible alerts regarding its charge state.

The new E.R.I.C system is also built to improve the maintenance of your vehicle. It has a two-way USB port for upgrades and communication with a technician.
This feature allows the E.R.I.C. system to be up-to-date and run on the latest software. Foursom Golf Car technicians can easily monitor the condition of the charging system by accessing the charger data.

We are available for any questions and will have the new Precedents and E.R.I.C. charging system in our showrooms for demos.