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Men repairing the cars

It’s just as important to maintain your Golf Car as it is your road car/truck and home. These are all fairly big investments and protecting their longevity is a good idea all the way around. Our service department has been part of the business since the day we started. Service & sales go hand in hand taking care of our valuable customers and the relationships that we’ve built with you over the years.

I’m sure the list of things you’d rather be doing is long, so let us take care of these important chores. From keeping the tire pressure accurate so that you get the better range to checking the electrolyte in the batteries, we do your upkeep so you can work on your golf swing or brew your next batch of home brew. We’ll find out if something is wrong while it is still a small and easy-to-fix problem.

Gas & Electric cars annually require the following:

  • Pressure wash car/ undercarriage
  • Check batteries
  • Inspect and adjust brakes
  • Clean tires and adjust tire pressure
  • Check differential oil levels
  • Check to steer for tightness and wear
  • Lubricate all front suspension and check for wear on springs, spindles, bushings, etc.
  • For electric cars, we clean all battery tops
  • Clean all battery cables, change as required
  • Top up water levels in batteries
  • Spray battery cables with Battery Protective Spray
  • Charge batteries, inspect battery charger for proper operation
  • Check battery trays for rotting/corrosion due to overfilling

Call us today to schedule maintenance for your Golf Car!

Let us introduce our Service Department:

Mike has been with us since 2009. He has attended Club Car technical training and graduated from MMI Technical School. He enjoys fishing, hunting, and golfing.

Jaime has been with us since 2010. He graduated from automotive school at Chemeketa College and has completed Club Car technical training. He is a Dallas Cowboys fan and enjoys spending time with his family.

Christian is our newest technician. He graduated from Wyotech technical school and looks forward to attending Club Car technical training this winter. He enjoys snowboarding, hiking and riding his motorcycle.

Kevin is the newest member of our dealership. He is excited to join the team and enjoys meeting our customers while picking up and delivering golf cars and utility vehicles. He has 3 kids and enjoys his family time.

Jimmy loves to go on car rides, nap on the floor and eat French fries.