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We understand that every person & company out there like the option of making a statement… or at minimum has individual needs. That’s why you can customize any Golf Car with custom wheels, custom seats in a nearly endless choice of colors and materials (we can even embroider logos or names), stereo systems, 12-volt power supplies for charging electronics, lights, turn signals, dome lights, storage baskets, storage nets, lift kits, curtain enclosures, coolers, ball & club washer, sand and seed bottle holders, electric heaters, mirrors, trailer hitches, horns, carpet, and glass windshield with wipers and so much more!

You can turn a regular golf car into a 4 passenger vehicle or even add a little pickup box to the back. Maybe you live in the Pacific Northwest (we do!) so you need an enclosure for eight months of the year.  We can do that.  If disco runs in your veins, we can install a strobe light.  (Or maybe you are in the business of saving lives and you need a strobe for emergency situations at events etc. – yes we can employ lighting tactics to get people to move out of the way for the wonderful work that you do.)  We can install work lights and much more…ask us if you have a lighting need that’s not listed here!

On every course, the only place that a ball washer will be available is at the men’s tee box sooooo….if you’re a female golfer looking for your own personalization, we’re listening!  We’ll address whatever you can dream up.  We can do a custom color body paint and move the seats forward so it’s appropriate to fit your body frame and leg reach.  We’ll include a ball and club cleaner on your car with storage baskets, storage nets and cloth seats if you’d like.  Do you want your golf car as organized as your closet? Let us know how far you want to go with the organization!  We can even add sheepskin seat covers for the utmost in pampering during the cold winter months.

If you are a die-hard golfer in the greater Portland area, then you have seen some rain in your games.  The Encompass Golf Cart Enclosure system will revolutionize the way you use your golf cart to get extended seasonal usage. The easy installation and seamless fit make ordering worry free and the structural integrity will impress you and your partners in crime. Adding all-weather performance and superior functionality will force you to rename your Club Car to “Envy on the Green.” It installs in approximately 1 hour and allows you to quickly adapt to changing weather conditions. The doors can be removed in seconds and the windows operate with ease.

Maybe you are a Realtor in the Pearl District… We have vehicles that are street-legal that can carry 2 or 4 passengers. They are legal on any road marked 35mph or less and are called LSVs or Low-Speed Vehicles.  These cars have glass windshields w/wipers, seat belts, full lights with turn signals, a horn, and speedometers!  These cars travel up to 25mph and have roughly a 30-mile range.

Whether you are an individual or a company; customization is what we do.  Please reach out today in whatever method is most comfortable for you; Email, Text or a phone call. We are a local family-run company eager to earn your business with many happy customers and reviews.  We look forward to meeting your custom needs.